We believe love is at the heart of delicious and nutritious food, and no one is more passionate about providing you and your family with just that than family farmers. When it comes to quality dairy products, our top priorities are family farmers, animals, and the environment, and we hope they're yours too.

Consumers have a right to good food that is not only tasteful but also nourishing, and we believe that family farmers are the good people behind the good food. Unlike other farming methods, family farms are a home for the family and their animals, inspiring them to be good stewards of the land and care for their animals like second children. In our eyes, these are important ingredients for producing wholesome and nourishing milk that goes into the dairy products we all love.

For generations, family farms have been passed down from grandparents to parents to children who are all devoted to caring for animals and the land and producing quality milk and dairy products. Since only 1970, the number of farms in the United States has declined by nearly 90% because family farms are disappearing, while large corporate farms are moving in. We're on a mission to keep family farms alive and help them earn a decent living.

Family farms may vary in size and location, but you’ll find that some things are always the same. Our farmers all share the same high level of respect for their cows and for the land they farm. From animal and land care to size and location, learn more about our farms.

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