Family Farmers treat their animals like family.

On a family farm, the well-being of animals is top-priority. Our farmers spend each day caring for their animals, which become like second children. Often times on family farms, farmers build strong relationships with their cows, so much that the cows are given their very own name, like Betsie. Our cows are always provided with clean, comfortable, and dry living spaces where they have access to food and bedding all day long – cow paradise. On family farms, we strive keep our cows healthy and happy because it’s what they deserve, and in return, they provide us with nutritious milk.

Family farmers protect the environment and wildlife.

A farm family’s home is where they farm for generations to come. The strong connection farm families feel to their home inspires them to incorporate sustainable practices into their care of the land, protecting nearby communities. A family farm that is well taken care of has nutrient rich soil and clean water, creating an environment that is safe for humans and a habitat that is perfect for many beloved species of wildlife.

Family Farmers contribute to the well-being of local communities.

Family farmers are the biggest supporters of local jobs and small businesses, so much that a community’s economic well-being and social vitality depend on it. A community flourishing with family farms has a higher standard of living – they have more independent businesses, parks, schools, churches, and community involvement. When compared to other farming methods, communities with family farms tend to have positive impacts on the environment and human health from better air and water quality to more sustainable land practices.

Family farmers care about the future.

By supporting family farms, you are ensuring that future generations will have access to abundant amounts of nourishing and flavorful food. Most family farmers take the time to incorporate crop rotation methods into their farming practices to reduce soil erosion and increase soil health. This farming method allows the soil to produce more food and more nutritious food for both animals and people.

Farm families depend on you.

When you purchase dairy products that are made with milk from family farms, you are supporting a family just like yours. Family farmers work hard every day to put wholesome food on kitchen tables around the United States because of their love for farming. It’s simple, by buying products from companies that support family farms, you are supporting future generations of family farmers as well as economic vibrancy, quality of life, and ecological health of communities. The livelihoods of farm families near and far depend on your support.

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